Taxiárchis, Greece’s Christmas village of Pine


Taxiárchis is a village located in Polygyros, Halkidiki- central Macedonia, which fills Greece’s homes with Christmas trees every year.

This year an expected 25,000 pine trees will end up in homes around Greece, which cost between 25 and 50 Euros, depending on size and location.

Roughly 70% of natural Christmas trees around Greece come from Taxiarchis in Halkidiki, where the majority of locals engage with the production of trees.


This week is their busiest period, with cutting down trees and making sure they are transported to customers’ homes in time. Over the next 10 days, they are expected to fill the centre of Thessaloniki, Athens and other large towns around Greece.


In previous years they would sell over 40,000 trees, however the economic crisis in Greece has affected sales and this year they are only expecting to cut down around 25,000 pines.

In a big effort to increase business, producers from Taxiarchis are now also sending their trees to Cyprus and trying to export to neighbouring European countries.

GCT Team

This article was researched and written by a GCT team member.