Greece leaves tourists wanting more



A national survey commissioned by the Greek National Tourism Organisation (EOT) and carried out by QED Market Research has yielded positive results showing tourism satisfaction with the country is on the rise, with optimism growing with the country’s efforts to extend the tourist season beyond summer.

The survey, carried out at the 13 'gateways' into Greece between October 12-24, used a sample of 2,179 departing tourists, via personal interviews, at 10 of the largest Greek airports and three border crossings. The participants were both men (52 pct) and women (48 pct) aged 20 to 60 years old. The questionnaire was available in five languages: English, German, Italian, French and Russian.

Nine in 10 tourists rated their visit as 'very good' to 'excellent', citing the good weather, lower prices in comparison with competing destinations and fewer crowds as their main reasons for choosing to visit Greece in the autumn.

The results showed the following →

  • Four in 10 rated their visit as 'excellent
  • Four in 10 air travellers and 3 in 10 road travellers said the country had exceeded their expectations.
  • Six in 10 said they were likely to recommend Greece as a destination to others.
  • Five in 10 said they were likely to return.

Regarding the reasons why they chose to visit Greece, six in 10 air travellers said the sun, sea and Greek food, five in 10 tourists referred to the country's hospitality, natural beauty and a sense of relaxation, five in 10 road travellers said the shopping and food, nine in 10 air travellers visited Greece for purely recreational reasons and one in four road travellers for professional reasons.

GCT Team

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