International Judges asked to defend Greece against Turkish Pressure



Greece has called on the international judicial community to step in and take action against Turkey’s pressure to interfere and question its independence after the trial of the Turkish military officers who had sought asylum in Greece.

Greece’s Association of Judges and Prosecutors called on the International Association of Judges on Thursday to intervene after Turkey issued an angry response and questioning the courts’ ruling which ordered the eight Turkish officers not be extradited to Turkey citing human rights abuses.

“As it becomes apparent, the Turkish government is directly questioning the irrevocable rulings of the Supreme Court of Greece, accuses our country that it allows impunity for criminals and that it protects illegal people, while it also threatens the country's international relations,” the association said.

“We are of the opinion that with its stance, Turkey is attempting to put unacceptable pressure on Greece’s judicial system. We ask the International Association of Judges to assess the situation as it stands and make the appropriate announcements and interventions,” it added.

The Supreme Court of Greece acknowledged that a potential extradition would endanger their lives and expose them to torture and humiliation and, with these considerations, it decided not to extradite them, the association said.

After the Greek court’s decision Turkey defiantly moved and issued arrest warrants for the eight army officers and accused Greek courts of “allowing impunity for criminals and the violation of the rights of the victims, in contrast to the principles of international law and rules.”

GCT Team

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