Greek Defence Minister dares Turkey to step foot on Imia


Greece dares

Greece’s foreign ministry has responded in the strongest possible terms against statements and personal insults made by Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu on Friday, who called Greece’s foreign minister a ‘spoilt child’.

"When someone is unable to respond politically to the facts, he may well not understand them. He may not grasp the technical, legal and political aspects of the issues, and for this reason chooses to make personal attacks. Attacks that do not promote the relations between the two countries and are foreign to our political culture. One's actions reflect on oneself,” the ministry said.

Speaking with Turkish news agency Anadolu Cavusoglu was responding to comments by Greece’s Foreign Minister Nikos Kotzias who said the Turks couldn’t set foot on Imia even if they wanted to, a position Cavusoglu rejected and claimed otherwise.

Defence Minister Panos Kammenos also responded to Cavusoglu’s provocation saying “there’s no way they [Turks] will set their foot” on a Greek island.

“We’ve seen fake reports recently […] the island where Turks showed a ship anchored was not Imia,” he said and added “These things are done for domestic consumption and all they can cause is hilarity.”

“There’s no way they will set their foot on a Greek island. They will be dealt with. Let them set their foot, but then we’ll see if they will leave from there,” Kammenos said during an interview with Greek media.

“Any provocation will be met by a response. Mr. Cavusoglu should know that the prime minister now is not [former PASOK PM Costas] Simitis and Foreign Minister is not [Theodoros] Pangalos who joined New Democracy. Now, Prime Minister is [Alexis] Tsipras, FM is [Nikos] Kotzias and I am the Defence Minister. Flags now will not be blown away by winds,’’ added Kammenos.

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  1. Greece show some teeth Turks are strong against weak nations .attack on Greece will destroy Turkish military Greek too but the attacker always have 5 times more casualties so key them try they have plenty soldiers to die second. Bigest army in. Nato