Greek Australians are now being encouraged to volunteer in Greece during their next holiday under an initiative launched by The Hellenic Initiative Australia.

Volunteers can spend a few hours or a few weeks helping THI Australia’s charity partner Boroume deliver its innovative food saving programs. From joining teams collecting unsold fruit and vegetables at Athens farmers’ markets to harvesting donated crops, Boroume volunteers play a vital role in saving food for donation to local charities.

“Through our partnership with Boroume, we have created a unique opportunity for Greek Australians to spend some time volunteering during their next holiday in Greece,” says THI President Nick Pappas. “Their efforts will help Boroume to deliver food to charities struggling to meet the increased demand for assistance from people reeling from the impact of prolonged economic hardship.

“We encourage young people to consider giving a few hours or a few days on their next holiday assisting with this great program,” Mr Pappas said.

Boroume, (“We Can”) organises the distribution of surplus food to charities throughout Greece – offering more than 19,000 portions of food through their network on average every day. Since 2012, Boroume has saved more than 12.5 million portions of food, valued at €18.7 million, donating it to more than 1000 organisations throughout Greece.

Boroume Co-founder Alex Theodoridis welcomed the initiative and said volunteers were integral to the organisation. “Volunteers from abroad, and especially from so far away as Australia, have a special place in our team and heart,” Mr Theodoridis said. “Having people from abroad dedicate even a few hours to help our cause is one the most humbling experiences for us here at Boroume because they embody the true meaning of commitment, solidarity, and giving.”

GCT Team

This article was researched and written by a GCT team member.