Greek film pulled from cinemas after murder suspect spotted in the audience


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In a bizarre move where art imitates or at least interferes with life, the award winning murder mystery "Eteros Ego" by Greek director Sotiris Tsafoulias has been pulled from Greek cinemas at the initiative of the director in order to assist with a police investigation over the murder of a taxi driver in Athens.

The unusual move was instigated after reports that a man fitting the description of the murder suspect was present at one of the Q & A sessions that followed the movie’s screenings and in fact also asked a question.

"In recent weeks I have been following developments concerning the case involving the murder of a taxi driver in Kifissia. Last week, members of the audience that watched the screening of the film in an Athens cinema on February 7, 2017 said that a man fitting the description of the alleged perpetrator asked me a specific question during a discussion with the audience after the film was shown.

As part of the investigation, I was asked to confirm the information received and hand over any material from the specific event in order to assist in the investigation - a request that I complied with, hoping that the man who asked the question on the night of February 7 will come forward in order to show that any link between the perpetrator and the film is just a tragic coincidence.

In light of the latest developments, I have decided to withdraw the film from cinemas. Not because I am aware of any link between the Kifissia perpetrator - as I have stated, in any case, real life and fiction are two parallel paths that never meet - but so that my own intentions and those of my associates in our efforts to assist the investigation are not misunderstood," Tsafoulias said.

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