Greek police raid mosque in Xanthi and discover weapons



Greek police raided a mosque in Xanthi, north-eastern Greece, on Tuesday, and arrested an Imam for weapons possession after discovering two guns, a hunting rifle and thirty cartridges in the Islamic place of worship.

Police were accompanied by a prosecutor to the mosque where they found a .22 pistol, a .38 pistol with a silencer, a Flobert hunting rifle and the ammunition. All the findings were sent to the Forensic Service’s laboratories in Athens.

According to reliable sources, the Turkish general consul in Komitini and the unofficial religious authority in Xanthi to which the Imam belongs agreed to leak to the controlled Turkish-language press of the region that this is a conspiracy involving Turkish cleric Fethullah Gulen’s organization FETO.

The same sources said the media make an explicit reference to companies owned by Gulen in Thrace which shows an attempt to export a Turkish problem to Greece, firstly because of the Turkish referendum and secondly because the findings put them at an extremely unfavourable position.

Greek officials have repeatedly stated that Turkey will not be allowed to export its domestic problems to Greece.

GCT Team

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