More Turkish fighters violate Greek national airspace


turkish jets

Greece’s National Defence General Staff announced that Turkish fighter jets had violated Greek national airspace 71 times on Tuesday with four of those incidents developing into dogfights.

According to Greek authorities four Turkish F-16, two CN-235 aircraft and a helicopter entered Athens’ FIR without submitting a flight plan, and also recording four violations of air traffic rules which developed into 71 violations of national airspace in several parts of the Aegean.

The aircraft flew between Chios and Lesvos and exited Athens’ FIR south of Samos, committing 31 violations of national airspace. The two CN-235 entered Athens’ FIR without submitting a flight plan, the first flying between Lemnos and Lesvos and the second south of Rhodes, committing 19 and 21 violations of airspace respectively.

Greek fighter jets which took off from Skyros intercepted all Turkish Air Force aircraft.

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