Refugee crisis needs to be shared by all EU countries: Avramopoulos



European Commissioner for Migration, Dimitris Avramopoulos, said all European countries needed to share responsibilities in dealing with the refugee crisis and that not one country should be unfairly burdened.

During an interview with ANA, Avramopoulos gave a positive appraisal of Greece, two years after the outbreak of the refugee crisis, and sent a clear message to those member-states that refuse to meet their commitments.

"We need an asylum system that will be based on solidarity and on the fair allocation of responsibilities where no country will be left alone to face the future provocations and in parallel to safeguard the equal and decent treatment of those seeking asylum in Europe. It is time for the member states to show political volition for progress in the negotiations for the reform of the common European system of asylum and particularly for the Dublin Treaty,’’ he said.

Avramopoulos also clarified that the hundred thousands of refugees that were relocated to other member states will not be sent back.

On the issue of security which constitutes one of the most important concerns of the European citizens, Avramopoulos said that the cross-border cooperation is necessary.

"We are better prepared but the threat remains huge. Constant vigilance is needed along with strategic approach in order to always be a step ahead" he said noting that "The key against terrorism is trust between the national authorities".

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