Greek eco-luxury hotel, leading the way for travelling in style with little ones

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Greek eco-luxury hotel
Greek eco-luxury hotel

Travelling with kids definitely has its challenges, however Greece is by far one of the most family friendly destinations in the world and is leading the way with hotels that are chic, fun and comfortable for both parents and little ones alike.

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Ekies All Senses Resort is located on the magical coastline of Halkidiki, and is owned by Alexandra Efstathiadou. Celebrating its Greek roots and stunning natural location, the simple design lets the stunning surroundings shine. It features 10 eco-luxury suites that encourage children to enjoy nature and explore and entices adults to do the same.

“As a little girl, I spent my summer vacations at Porto Capis, a hotel in Halkidiki that was located in a heavenly setting, surrounded by green pines and olive trees, wooded slopes and crystal blue waters. I had so many happy memories from that place, so when I saw the place in ruins years later I knew I had to do something about it,” says Alexandra.

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“I talked to my dad, who loved the area as well, and we decided to buy the old building. My father wanted to clean the place up and leave it the way it had been - just an ordinary hotel. However, I had another plan in mind: I wanted to create a property that would emphasise its natural surroundings while showcasing contemporary Greece through design, fabrics, and colours.”

On an unspoiled beach in Vourvourou on the east side of Sithonia—one of three peninsulas in Halkidiki on the translucent waters of the Aegean Sea—the resort is surrounded by rocky islands, caves, crystal waters, sandy beaches, and pine tree forests.

beach in Vourvourou
beach in Vourvourou

The design blends with this idyllic landscape through the use of natural, unrefined materials, such as solid wood and Greek grey marble. The 69 rooms and suites weave Greek tradition with distinctive designs, while organic forms, sustainability, and an ethos of minimal waste complete the resort's eco-philosophy.

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The materials and decor incorporated into the suites, like the hand-laid herringbone stone flooring, are a nod to traditional Greek artisanship alongside modern furnishings, like pieces by Philippe Starck and Achille Castiglioni.

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Alexandra’s mother’s family co-own Coco Mat, a company that produces natural sleep products, bed linens, towels, and furniture, all of which are used throughout the hotel.

Blue accent walls and tiles reflect the waters of the Aegean shores just mere steps away from the property.

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“It took us eleven years, collaborations with various Greek architects and interior designers, and lots of hard work, but finally the hotel has become the place I have always wanted; a place filled with love,” says Alexandra.

Where: Sithonia, Halkidiki, Vourvourou, 63078

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