Erdogan threatens Greece and Cyprus  



Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has threatened Greece, Cyprus and international companies exploring for gas in the Mediterranean not to “step out of line.”

“We will not stand for those who try to prohibit or restrain our rights to take action and protect our borders and national security whether in Afrin or the Aegean,” said Erdogan.

Erdoğan made the warning on Tuesday in an address to legislators of his ruling party as Turkish warships continued to try and stop a rig from reaching a location off Cyprus where Italian energy company Eni is scheduled to drill for gas.

Turkey opposes the oil drilling, saying it disregards the rights of Turks in Cyprus. He also accuses Greece of laying claims on Imia, where it is reported today a Turkish vessel rammed a Greek Coast Guard patrol boat in the sea.

“Opportunistic attempts concerning gas exploration off Cyprus and concerning Aegean islets are not escaping our attentions,” Erdoğan said. “We are warning those who step out of line with miscalculations in Cyprus and the Aegean.”

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