AEGEAN announces 42 new Aircraft

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In a major deal worth $5 billion USD, leading Greek airline AEGEAN have announced they are set to purchase 42 new Airbus aircraft, to upgrade its fleet as the country expects to break tourism records in 2018.

The agreement includes the firm order of 30 aircraft; comprising of two types of the Airbus A320neo Family (Α320neo and A321neo), with the option for 12 additional aircraft.

Aegean said it was signing a memorandum of understanding with Airbus for 30 of the A320neo and A321neo aircraft. Along with the option for the additional dozen, the agreement is worth $5 billion at list prices, making it the largest private investment in Greece, the airline said.

“It is the third time in 19 years that the company invests in new airplanes to give our passengers and our country the most new and advanced in technology, confirming that we are not only interested in quantity but also the quality of our efforts,” AEGEAN Vice Chairman Eftichios Vassilakis said during a press conference.

“It’s a big moment for Aegean and it’s happening despite the financial crisis and despite the challenges of international competition. Those are the conditions we grew in,” he added.

Greece is expecting another record tourism year in 2018, with over 32 million international visitors.

“The renewal and growth of our A320neo fleet enhances our competitiveness internationally and reduces our operating costs significantly,” Vassilakis said.

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