Greece's number 1 tennis player Stefanos Tsitsipas enters ATP Top 70


Stefanos Tsitsipas

Stefanos Tsitsipas is a talented, nineteen year old tennis player, who currently holds the title of Best Male Player in Greece and has also just made it into the ATP Top 70, world's top ranked players in men's professional tennis.

From young, Stefanos knew he wanted to enter the field of sport, as he was always active and first became involved with tennis at the age of six, when he started playing at the Glyfada Tennis Club in Athens.

“I became involved because of my parents who happen to be tennis coaches, so tennis was part of my life since the very beginning. I had a good coach who taught me the basics and developed my game and mentality for the sport,” Stefanos told Greek City Times.

He credits his father Apostolos as being his mentor as he is always by his side, helping him achieve his goals, “it’s pretty cool to have your dad as a coach!”

Stefanos Tsitsipas

Currently ranked Greece's No. 1 in Tennis, and the former junior No. 1, Stefanos says it has been hard work. “When I achieved the number one spot in juniors I became very confident with my tennis and knew what I was capable of in the future. Becoming the best male tennis player in my country took lots of years to achieve, since I turned pro at 15. My goals are definitely higher than becoming the best male Greek player of all times... but it’s a good start and I am very happy.”

It takes a lot of dedication, training, focus and time spent developing skills, Stefanos says, adding that his day- to -day training is jam packed.

In the morning he starts with mobility and fitness, tennis after that, rest and lunch time, second tennis training in the afternoon and rehabilitation follows.

“I had a goal from when I was a child, I had dreams from young and I want to achieve all of them as an adult. I want to continue improving on the rankings and create history with tennis. It’s my job, so I have to do it as good as possible!” Stefanos says.

Stefanos Tsitsipas

His favourite part about tennis is “competing and doing something productive for your yourself. I also enjoy the travelling (not too many weeks though). It’s an individual sport and it’s you who chooses your team. I love every single thing about tennis,” and if he had to pick a career highlight “it would be winning Boys’ Doubles Wimbledon, winning my first ATP Challenger and entering the Top 100 for the first time.”

Stefanos Tsitsipas

This year may just be his best ever, as he is very motivated to do well this season and it’s a challenge he believes he can achieve. "My dream is to beat Roger Federer and it may finally happen." 

For those who aspire to become a tennis player, Stefanos gives some advice:

“It's tough but there are going to be some good moments as well. Remember what you want, and if you want it bad enough, then it will slowly appear on the surface. Stay humble with a good work-ethic and balanced behaviour. The environment and the people surrounding you also play a big role in your career. Be the best version of yourself.”


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