22-year-old student confesses to throwing her newborn baby

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A 22-year-old student has confessed she is the mother of the newborn baby boy who was thrown outside a window and left to die in the cold.

After hours of interrogation, the young mother admitted it was her baby that was found outside the apartment block in New Smyrni, Athens.

The woman told police she gave birth at home, cut the umbilical cord, wrapped the baby into a bed sheet and plastic bag and threw it from the window on the 2nd floor of the building. The labor took place Friday night. She was alone at the time and claims she went into a state of "panic."

The baby was born alive and died most likely due low temperatures and without being cared of right after its birth, the autopsy found.

The woman claimed she kept her pregnancy a secret so her mother wouldn't find out and the father who is also a student allegedly left after the woman told him of her pregnancy.

Police traced her after door knocking in the neighbourhood, trying to identify the mother of the newborn over the weekend. According to media, police had taken DNA saliva samples from several young women in the residential buildings. Her DNA matched to the dead newborn.

She now faces charges for child murder.

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