Viral Baptism video receiving huge backlash is not Greek Orthodox (VIDEO)

Orthodox baptism


A video of a baby being baptised in an Orthodox Church by a priest who dunks the infant very quickly and roughly into the water has gone viral, with reports claiming it is a Greek Orthodox church and Greek Orthodox priest who conducted the service.

The Sun
*The Sun newspaper claiming it is Greek Orthodox
Today Show
*Today Show reports it is a Greek Orthodox tradition

The video has not only been shared millions of times on social media, now newspapers and television channels worldwide are also showing the footage and reporting that it is "normal practice" for Greek Orthodox baptisms, while some claim it took place in Ayia Napa, Cyprus.

The footage has received huge backlash and negative comments, as the priest is shown dunking the baby into the water in a quick and very non-gentle like manner.

However, this does not appear to be a Greek Orthodox Priest or Greek Orthodox Church, as the reports suggest.

You can watch the video and listen to the chanting here-

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