Anna Korakaki: “As a Macedonian I am devestated”

Anna Korakaki

Greece’s Gold Olympic champion Anna Korakaki has spoken of her disappointment and rage towards the agreement signed between Tsipas and Zaev, agreeing on “Northern Macedonia” as FYROM’s new name.

Anna Korakaki

The Olympic shooting champion posted on her Instagram apage a black and white photograph of herself in front of the statue of Alexander the Great, located in Thessaloniki, next to the White Tower and said:

“As a Greek, as a Macedonian, as an Olympian I tried so hard for so long to stop international organisations from referring to Skopje as ‘Macedonian’ and now I can no longer do that.”

“Finally it’s sold. Or rather been given. And not at all democratically. Without public consent … it’s unconstitutional. I compete for our country and all the Greeks who care and care for her, “she wrote, among other things in her post. The Greek Olympic Champion also asked those who “act with disrespect to Greece’s history and those who agree with the deal” not to be photographed again next to her in any great sports successes she may have in the future.

“I represent the Greek colours and the successes belong to those who love our homeland. I hope that democracy will give me at least this right,” says Anna.

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