Greece first stopover for India's President

Tsipras and Indian President
Tsipras with Indian President

Greece's Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras welcomed India's President Ram Nath Kovind to Greece on Monday.

Tsipras told Kovind that his visit coincides with Greece's exit from a protracted economic crisis and is now able to stand on its feet and also playing a leading role on the geopolitical scene.

"We succeeded yesterday in [signing] an important agreement with our northern neighbours, and I find it particularly important that, through this agreement, India will henceforth not refer to our neighbouring country by its constitutional name, but by its new name, as 'North Macedonia'," Tsipras said.

Tsipras noted that "this is important, not only because Macedonia is a geographical area of Greece but also because it carries a historical heritage, the ancient Greek heritage, and a tradition that is known throughout the world." The Greek PM said that these developments are important and he added that "India is a country that plays an important role on the world stage."
From his end India's President stressed that choosing to visit Greece first during his visit to Europe reflects the long-standing friendship of the two countries and the desire to deepen ties with Greece.
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