Britain facing Halloumi shortage as Cyprus struggles to keep up with high demand

halloumi cheese

Halloumi cheese

Britain is facing a Halloumi shortage as farmers in Cyprus are struggling to meet the high demand, according to British reports.

The cheese, according to strict EU rules, requires the cheese to be made from at least 20 per cent sheep and goat's milk from Cyprus.

But farmers are getting increasing demand from the UK - which is now the cheese's biggest market outside of Cyprus.

John Pittas company director from one of the main Halloumi producers, says its sending supplies across Europe by road to stores that don't want to wait the usual four weeks it takes to arrive by sea, "It costs more money to send it that way but Brits love their Halloumi," he said.

Supermarket shelves are very low in stock and scientists from the university where Dolly the sheep was cloned have even waded into the apparent crisis to help farmed increase their milk production.

Ricardo Pong-Wong, from the Roslin Institute at Edinburgh University, told media, "The team in Cyprus are doing a fantastic job and they are already seeing benefits."

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