15-year-old boy in Athens commits suicide after constant bullying


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A 15-year-old boy has sadly taken his own life at his home in Argyroupolis, Athens on Sunday after continuously being bullied. The boy has reportedly left a note, in which he accuses six of his friends and classmates of constantly bullying him.

The boy hanged himself on the balcony of his home after returning from a party and his parents found him in the early hours of Sunday morning.

In his letter, he wrote that he decided to take his own life because he could not take the bullying he was exposed to by friends and classmates. He also noted that he was receiving threats.

Listing the names of the six friends the boy concluded his suicide note saying “they have destroyed me. Destroy them.” He had also said that he loved his parents and his sibling.

In one of his last posts on social media he wrote, “Whoever speaks badly of you in your absence is fearful of your presence.”

Greek police are currently investigating the incident.