Practical Help Available for Those in Need

Mati wildfires


Mati wildfires, man on phone, burnt cars

In Greece’s horrific tragedy, many have rushed to help in any way they can, by gathering food, water and other basic requirements, donating blood, shelter, transportation, medical services and psychological support.

Here is a list of places that can help those in need-

-For missing persons you can call 199.

-An online platform for finding missing persons is available at

-Google has also activated a Person finder service and a Rescue shelters map. The services are constantly updated.

-The Athens Attica Hotel Association in cooperation with the Attica Region is offering hospitality to the fire victims. For more information, you can contact the Region at 213 212 9117 & 213 212 9105:

-The employees of KEELPNO, with the municipality of Rafina-Pikermi, are collecting food and basic requirements. The collect takes place at the KEELPNO building (3-5 Agrafon street, Maroussi). For additional information call at 6944987730.

-Food items, water and basic need products are also being collected at the Nea Makri Municipal space, on 104 Marathonos Avenue.

Food and shelter

  • At the Nea Makri Cultural Park, the canteen and the First Aid Station are available to those in need.
  • In Rafina, the supermarket chain Sklavenitis and various coffee places are offering free meals and water.
  • In the city center of Pikermi, “EVEREST” and “Grigoris Mikrogevmata” offer free water and food.
  • For those affected by the fire in Kineta, help is provided by the mayor’s office of Megara and the KAPI of Megara and Kineta.

Mati wildfires, woman and man in bushes

Free accommodation

  • At the Marathon Beach Hotel, 12 Poseidonos Avenue, Marathon-Nea Makri (tel: 22940.95022).
  • Free shelter and food is offered by La Playa Marathon (22940.57272).
  • At the Rafina town hall and the cultural center.
  • At Hotel Nireas, Nea Makri (22940.91214).
  • At the Agioi Theodoroi 1st and 2nd Primary School.
  • The Mediterranean Rehabilitation Center in Loutraki offers accommodation and food at the hostel’s premises to those affected by the Kineta fire who have no shelter. Contact number: 27441-14000.
  • In Rafina, the “Mikros Prigkipas” Kindergarten remains open to any family with children who need aid (22940.25383).
  • In Agia Paraskevi, Playgroup Hellas (61 Cycladon, Ayia Paraskevi) opens its doors to accommodate, without any financial burden, those families with young children who need a shelter. At the same time, they are collect essential items. For any information call at: 210.6090770.
  • At the Zaz café, you can donate clothes, sheets, water, food. There is also a reception area for the victims (3 Esperidon st. & Lavrio Avenue, 210.665 8311).
  • “To Mageriko tis Sevastis” offers food and water (Aeroporias & Botsari, N. Makri, 2294 050280).
  • Costeas-Geitonas School CGS offer shelter, food and essentials (Pallini Tel .: 210.6030411 and 6949.728062).
  • Animal accomodation at Vas. Zerboglou, Spata. tel .: 6945007284 and 6982067351.
  • Megara Stadium offers shelter and care (30 Morava, 2296 081088).

Free transportation

-Radiotaxi “Kosmos” taxi drivers (18300) transport pregnant women and children to hospitals or anywhere else, free of charge. Contact numbers: 6973221156, 6944888427, 2152157938.

-Free transfer from Rafina (5 vehicles). These people provide telephone, water, mobile chargers (6989373053).

-The Anthousa and Liosia Road Transports depots are prepared so that buses can receive those affected from the port of Rafina and transport them to hospitality areas.

Medical assistance

The Euroclinic’s Children’s hospital opens its Emergency section to all children from the areas affected by the devastating fires. Children who experience respiratory problems, fever, heat stroke, etc. can go to the clinic’s Emergency Department at 7-9 Athanasiadou Street, Ampelokipoi (Ampelokipoi Metro Station). For information call 210.6416600. Children with burns cannot be treated.

Mati wildfires, stray dog

For animals

There are several places that offer help to stray animals,, including Agioi Thesodori for the Kineta strays. If someone finds a stray animal in Kineta, they can call 6975664142 for shelter.

-The Association for the Protection and Welfare of Wildlife ANIMA has announced that it will take charge of the wildlife in need: hedgehogs, turtles, foxes and any other wild animal. Contact 6972664675 (24 hours a day).