16-year-old Konstantinos Markakis wins bronze at World Taekwondo Championship


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Konstantinos Markakis, a 16-year-old Taekwondo athlete has been awarded a bronze medal at the World Taekwondo Hanmadang festival this year.

The festival, which had over 3400 entries from 62 countries, was held on South Korea's Jeju Island. This festival highlights the skills and techniques of taekwondo as well as emphasising the skills of athletes.

Konstantinos was apart of the four-member team of the "Aerobiasi" Gym, which included coach Dimitrios Kanellos and athletes Filippos Pilakouta-Devaskouale and Efstathios Pantazopoulos.

All their results are below:

Eustathios Pantazopoulos: 44th in the authorised poomsae and 6th in speed break

Philippos Pilakouta-Devaskouale: 16th in speed break and 11th in knife hand break

Dimitrios Kanellos: 12th in speed break and 11th in fist break

Konstantinos Markakis: 5th in high jump kicking and 3rd in all-around break