Athens' New Concept Store Features Stunning Objects Made in Greece

Sophia concept store

Athens concept store

SOPHIA Enjoy Thinking LIVE is a new concept store in the heart of Athens, which aims to promote ancient Greek heritage through a unique and stunning range of objects.

It is not just another shop and so much more than another concept store. It is a breathing space that welcomes everyone to interact, to discover, to do, to think, to dream, to write, to share, to discuss, to create and to get inspired.

SOPHIA Enjoy Thinking LIVE1

Athens concept store

The concept is highlighted and driven by a strong passion to reinvent a new kind of retail therapy. 

SOPHIA gives inspiration through their collections of home decor, lifestyle, fashion, toys and stationery accessories, where art flirts with design, eternity meets modernity, and the richness of the past harmonically blends with the spirit of the 21st century.

One of their ranges ‘Athens Now’ draws from the inspiration that Athens is the cradle of Western Culture and is the birthplace of Democracy, Philosophy, and Thinking.

SOPHIA Athens concept

Greece's capital has always been and it still is a city of creativity, genius, and passion. A series of modern accessories and stationery items have been designed to create a dialogue between the historical past of the city and the present.

The unique creations are made in Greece, with the majority also being handmade. The company’s motto is “Enjoy Thinking” as they believe their meaningful design can change the way people see the world.

Twenty-five museums around the world, including the Louvre and the Picasso in Paris and the British Museum in London, as well as over 400 shops around the globe exhibit and sell a range of Greek objects of SOPHIA Enjoy Thinking in their stores.

Sophia Athens concept store

Design lovers and creativity supporters are also encouraged to meet new, interesting trends and people, by taking part in curated events and workshops with artists, designers, entrepreneurs, makers, and doers.

This is why the mezzanine floor has been transitioned into a Dialogue Space, where people are invited not to buy but to exchange thoughts with others, get inspired and create a circle of potential friends.

A: Pindarou 15, Athens, Greece 106 73