New Costa Navarino eco-homes being sold off the plan for average of 5.6 million euro


Costa navarino

A new upmarket eco-development at Costa Navarino in Messenia featuring eco-homes are being sold off the plan for an average of around 5.6 million euros and half of them have already been snapped up!

The man behind the development is Captain Vassilis Constantakopoulos, who was born and raised in Messenia. He wanted to preserve the natural landscape of the area while bringing in tourism, which is why the development successfully moved more than 6,000 olive trees elsewhere on the site to make way for the new properties.

Costa navarino

Great care has also been taken to preserve the wildlife in the area, particularly the sea turtles who bury themselves on the beach every summer to lay their eggs. Sea turtles can be disorientated by bright lights and so the resort has been built on descending levels as it approaches the beach to avoid harming them. The new houses will follow suites, with the majority being built on one level – something that provides the bonus of uninterrupted views.

Costa navarino

There are 50 plots of land for new homes at the thriving development, which also includes two five-star hotels - The Westin, and the Romanos, along with two award-winning golf courses and a stretch of stunning coastline.

The golf facilities last year were named as the best golf resort in Europe by the International Association of Golf Tour Operators. Under one of the golf courses also, there are 123 kilometres of piping carrying water used to heat and cool the site's hotels, another example of the developments sustainability features.

Costa navarino

Each new home at Costa Navarino is individually designed within the development's strict sustainability criteria, ensuring that the buildings blend seamlessly into the stunning landscape.

The developer Temes has already sold half of the properties off-plan to both domestic and overseas buyers. Prices have started at around £2.3million and can exceed more than £20million depending on the buyer's requirements for the site, such as infinity pools and basements.

Buyers also have access to all of the resort facilities that are on their doorstep including restaurants, the Amanzoe Spa, and swimming pools, along with nearby attractions such as Voidokilia Beach.

*Source: Dailymail