Pilot of Air Force Training Aircraft crash found dead

AF 1


The second pilot of the T-2 training aircraft crash which went down 7 miles north of Sparta has been found dead.

The Air Force search and rescue teams have found the pilot of the two-wheeled training aircraft dead, about one and a half hours after the fall of the T-2.

Earlier the co-pilot was found alive.

The two training aircraft operators used the automatic ejection mechanism and abandoned the T-2 before it crashed.

For safety reasons, the two seats are ejected with a small amount of time in different directions. Thus, while the co-pilot of the plane landed safely on the ground and alerted the Air Force authorities to the point where he was communicating with his mobile phone, the unlucky pilot who was not able to escape.

For now, the reason for the aircraft's fall is unknown.

The aircraft had taken off from the Kalamata Aviation Training Center.

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