Greece to refuse IMF request for more pension cuts

Greek pensioners
Greek pensioners
Greece's Economy and Development Minister Yiannis Dragasakis assured the public during a media interview on Wednesday that there will not be any pension cuts in 2019.
Drakasakis said there will be relief measures for low-income groups.
The minister's assurances come after media reports on the IMF's insistence on further pension cuts.
Dragasakis said Greece can back up its demand not to slash pensions with creditors on the grounds that it will harm the economy.
"I believe that the prime minister and the government, with these arguments, will secure in the end that there will be no cuts to pensions," said Dragasakis.
"We have passed from the budgets of cuts to budgets that have room for tax relief measures and moves to improve the social state and boost income levels," he said.