Ankara accuses Greece of hiding Turkish criminals

Turkish FM

Turkish FMTurkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu has accused Greece of turning into a safe haven for Turkish criminals, referring to the eight Turkish officers who fled the country after the attempted coup.

The Foreign Minister went on to say said his country remains decisive in securing the return and trial of the “coup fugitives.”

Furthermore, in regards to the release of the two Greek soldiers, the Turkish minister said that this should not be seen as a political move as the Turkish justice system operates independently, adding that “it is not necessary to say that we expect the same impartial stance from the Greek justice system in regards to the cases of Turkish citizens.”

In an interview with Greek media on Saturday, the Turkish FM also added that Greek Cypriots behaved as if the entire island belonged to them.

“With their unilateral hydrocarbon exploration in the Eastern Mediterranean, they overlook the inalienable rights of Turkish Cypriots. Just as they are not really ready to share power with the Turkish Cypriot side, they do not want to share the natural sources of the island.”

The Turkish FM said that Turkish Cypriots should have an equal say in the decisions on hydrocarbon exploitation, reiterating his country’s warning that Ankara would not allow the Republic to carry on.

“Turkey has warned the Greek Cypriots from the onset not to take such irresponsible steps. If they still believe they have nothing to lose they are mistaken.”