British women claim they were locked in a bloodstained prison in Greece over a prank that backfired

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British women prank

Two young British women have told media they had a Greek holiday from hell after they were strip-searched and locked in a bloodstained and filthy prison cell in Corfu when a prank backfired.

Shona Cox and Vicki Albone, both 20, years of age say that they saved for months to pay for their $3600 trip but it turned into a nightmare when their prank went wrong.

According to reports, the pair met a group of Greek men on Issos Beach, in Corfu, on August 24.

After spending the afternoon together, they say they jokingly decided to hide one of the men’s clothes further along the beach while he was swimming.

They then returned to their four-star resort but were shocked when police arrived at the hotel that evening telling them to return the clothes, as well as a $700 Rolex watch, or face arrest.

When they explained they didn’t have the items, they say they were put in a police cell for three days.

According to the women, they were strip-searched and locked in a blood-stained police cell and starved for 24 hours, then given a $2,100 legal bill.

"It was the most terrifying and traumatic experience of our lives. From start to finish, we were both treated so badly and I've never seen anything like it.

"No one explained anything to us but we were summoned into a room and strip searched. The cells were absolutely gruesome. There was graffiti on the walls and there was urine all over the floor.

"There was writing on the walls smeared in blood. The mattresses were rotten and there was liquid spewing out the side of one. I was forced to sleep on the bare mattress and was not given a sheet, a pillow, a blanket or anything. Smoking was also allowed in the cells so it stunk of stale cigarettes," Shona told British media.

The girls also claim their phones were confiscated and were returned to them for 10 minutes the following day when they contacted their families.

Shona said at one point she threw up and instead of helping her, a security guard "threw boiled sweets" at her and say they were denied food and fresh water until 8pm on Sunday.

"We were given one meal the whole time we were locked up and weren't even given fresh water. The water was warm and dirty."

"This is a warning to everyone before they go to Greece, it may be a nice destination to go to but if a time comes that you're in trouble and you actually need help, this is how they treat you."

This is Shona Cox and Vicki Albone's account of what occurred, Greek officials have not made any comment as yet.