The Deputy Minister of Economy and Development of Opposition Party New Democracy, has accused the Tsipras government of having burdened the country with expensive measures.

“The government of Mr Tsipras and Mr Kammenos, for the three and a half years they have ruled, have imposed measures costing Greek citizens 14.5 billion euros, mainly through tax increases and social security contributions,” said Christos Dimas, Deputy Minister of Economy and Development of New Democracy, during a radio interview on 104.9 FM Agency.

“With SYRIZA and the Independent Greeks we have two substantial differences. The first is that we, together with tax and social security reductions, have proposed for two years specific government spending cuts – without downgrading the services – that reach around EUR 2 billion. The second difference has to do with the proceedings. We in 2014 as a government have reduced our housing tax from 23% to 13% – the government of Mr Tsipras went to 24% – we also reduced insurance and employers’ contributions by 5% and the tax on heating oil by 30 % and the solidarity tax by 30%.”