How Katikies maintains its flawless whiteness



Santorini, the breathtaking island on the Aegean Sea, is known for its beauty and whitewashed architecture, but ever wondered how it's kept so white and fresh?

Katikies, one of Santorini’s most sought-after hotels captures the essence of seaside living and is only a step away from the shimmering sea.

According to Money Magazine, Katikies spends approximately $29,392 a year on paint for its white exterior.

Nikos Georgiadis, the hotel’s Director of Sales and Marketing told Money Magazine, "It’s the first thing you notice when you step foot on the property: the stark white steps in contrast to the bright blue sea. That moment is our opportunity to make a strong initial impression."

The most important aspect of maintaining the whiteness requires a full-time painter, which they hired several years ago. From 6am each day, Savvas the property's painter spends eight hours long adding fresh coats to the hotel’s 34 rooms, two pools, and various common areas. It is no easy task as it is a small boutique that is very popular, yet he does his job and doesn't disturb hotel guests.

Nikos noted that the "majority of the work needs to be done before everyone wakes up. During the day it gets really tricky. He has to know exactly when a guest has checked out so he can quickly paint their room before the next guest arrives."

With the sun exposure and strong winds, most freshly painted areas only require a two-hour drying time.

"Instagram has changed everything for us...People used to book based on word of mouth, but now it’s based on photos…and that’s powerful" Nikos stated which is why maintaining the hotel's flawless witness is crucial.

*Source: Money Magazine

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