Cross in Lesvos pulled down after coexistence group on the island claims it's offensive to migrants



A huge cement Christian cross, which was built on the rocky shore of Apelli, under the castle of Mytilene in Lesvos, in honour of the people that have died swimming there has been pulled down as a co-existence group based on the island claimed it was offensive to migrants who are not Christian.

According to Lesvos News, the placement of the cross caused negative reactions from aid organisations and a letter was sent to the Harbour Minister of Lesvos and the Mayor of Lesvos, by a coexistence group in Lesvos, stating the Cross was placed there to prevent migrants from swimming.



“A few days ago they placed at Apeli of Mytilene a large cross, in order to prevent other people (refugees and migrants) from coming to swim. This act is illegal, unsightly (reminiscent of a grave) but mostly offensive to the symbol of Christianity, a symbol of love and sacrifice, not racism and intolerance."

“Please we ask for you to get rid of this inappropriateness of a religious symbol in a swimming site and its conversion into a tool of aspiring crusaders."

A few days after this, the cross was taken down overnight.

The announcement of coexistence has caused strong reactions from locals who believe it goes against the religious beliefs of the majority of the inhabitants on the island.

*Source: Lesvos News 

  1. You have Just Stabbed ALL of Your Ancestors in the BACK. You are TRAITORS to your Culture and Heritage.

  2. How can this happen? How can a memorial cross be an offence to immigrants? Can you imagine if an Islamic memorial was removed in a Muslim country in case Christians might have their feelings hurt? No, because it’d be punished by death! Grow a bloody backbone before your country becomes a total Sharia law s***hole.