FYROM Deputy PM discusses EU membership in Athens

deouty FM

deouty FM

FYROM Deputy PM for European Affairs Bujar Osmani is meeting in Athens today with Greek Alternate Foreign Minister Giorgos Katrougalos to discuss the Prespes Agreement on the name issue signed between the two countries in June and FYROM's EU accession.

Prior to heading to Athens Osmani said that the two officials will discuss Greece's role in facilitating FYROM's entry to the EU and NATO and called Greece "a new strategic partner." He added that despite the political turbulence related to the agreement, support for it in FYROM "is expanding" and "the process is not at all threatened."

Both EU and NATO have set the implementation of the treaty, which includes a name change for the country, as prerequisites for joining.

Osmani reiterated Greece's support for FYROM's membership in EU and NATO and noted that this commitment was evident when Greece and then FM Nikos Kotzias, who signed the agreement, pushed the Council of the EU in June for a specific date that FYROM may start EU accession negotiations.