Katsifas' grieving mother demands Albanian authorities give back her son’s body

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The heartbroken mother of 35-year-old Konstantinos Katsifas, who was killed by Albanian police on October 28, has demanded Albanian authorities return the body of her son eight days after he was murdered so they can finally lay him to rest.

Suspicious circumstances surround the decision made by Albanian authorities not to release Katsifas’ body and their refusal to answer any of the parent's questions surrounding his death.

"I just want my son, I want to bring him home for the last time and to hold him for the final time. Why are they not giving him to me?” said Katsifas’ mother who asked Greek authorities to intervene and to try and help them get their son’s body back.

Katsifas’ parents and sister are desperate to hold a funeral for their beloved Konstantinos and can not believe that although a week has passed and the autopsy has been concluded, Albanian authorities will not allow the family to see him.

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