Cleaning lady in Greece sentenced to 10 years jail for lying about her school record

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A lady in Greece working as a cleaner at an infants school has been sentenced to 10 years jail for lying about her school record.

The 53-year-old woman had worked at a publicly-funded kindergarten for 15 years until a review showed she had lied about her primary school education.

She claimed she had attended her elementary school in Greece for six years and it was then discovered she only spent five years at the school.

The lady had also produced a false certificate stating she had completed six years, a requirement which helped her get a job as a cleaner.

She was charged with defrauding the public, and a regional court handed down the sentence earlier this month, in a court ruling which has caused an uproar around the country amongst politicians and everyday people who view the sentence as absurd.

The Hellenic League for Human Rights said: 'This decision is not simply inhuman. It is another very indicative sign of permanent pathogens in the criminal justice system,'

A senior prosecutor for the Supreme Court will review the legal reasoning of the regional court next week, judicial sources said.