Tsipras government hopes to raise basic wage for Greeks

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Labour, Social Insurance and Social Solidarity Minister Efi Achtsioglou announced that the Tsipras government is “working intensely” to raise the basic wage by January 2019.

Achtsioglou made the announcement on Friday during an interview with public broadcaster ERT3 where she also announced a series of employment programs the government is launching jointly with the Greek Manpower Employment Organization (OAED).

These programmes include options for young, highly skilled people but also for older members of the workforce trying to re-enter the market. As an example she mentioned a program that has already been launched, through which participating companies are encouraged to hire young, highly skilled graduates in the private sector with a salary of 1,600 euros, half of which will be subsidised by the state.

Achtsioglou also discussed the government’s numerous initiatives aimed at protecting those receiving a widow or widower’s pension, and said that there will be an increase in salaries and pensions within 2019.

“ We are well past the days of the memoranda. We have reversed the pension cut measures, reduced insurance contributions, brought back collective agreements and are already working intensely to increase the minimum wage by January,” she said.