Police discover car linked to TV station bomb attack

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Greek police authorities have discovered a vehicle believed to be linked to the bomb attack on Skai TV network head offices on Monday.

The vehicle thought to be used by the perpetrators of the terror attack was a black Opel Corsa, was stolen from the Athens suburb of Nea Ionia on November 2018 and discovered burnt shortly after the warning calls for the explosion.

The calls, said police, were made by mobile phones from the centre of Athens and that why the phone numbers were visible.

The car was found burning at approximately 2:05 a.m. at the Athens district of Petralona and according to police it had fake plates that belong to another car of the same type, brand and colour.

Police said that a similar car passed through the area of the attack at 01:40 to 01:45, only a few minutes before the warning calls.

They also said that the explosion device included a blend of TNT, ammonium nitrate and gelignite possibly weighing 7 to 10 kilos in total, but this is only an estimation as the explosion left no residues.

On the identity of the terror organisation, police believe that based on the method used it might be the Organisation of Popular Fighters which appeared in 2013 and times its attacks between November and January, using similar explosive devices of very high power and burning the vehicles it used in at least three previous attacks.