Family tragedy on Corfu island as father confesses to killing his daughter

corfu kopela1

corfu kopela1

A family tragedy has unfolded on the island of Corfu, as a father has confessed to murdering his 29-year-old daughter on New Year’s Day.

The woman who was reported missing for over 24 hours was buried near her home and found after her father confessed to police saying, "I killed her."

According to Corfu News, the body of the victim appears to have been buried near her home in the area of Alepou, Corfu.

The father was a key suspect from the beginning and after an investigation by the Corfu Police Department, he allegedly confessed to his horrific crime.

According to reports, the victim suffered death by a sharp object and after her body was found, she was transferred to the General Hospital of Corfu for forensic examination.

Police were informed of her disappearance by the woman's boyfriend when the 29-year-old did not appear at work.

Reports also claim there was tension between daughter and father, as he did not approve of her partner.