Aegean Airlines steps in to rescue stranded Ryan Air passengers



A flight from London to Thessaloniki, which normally takes around three hours turned into a 24-hour ordeal for dozens of Ryanair passengers, with the Greek government calling on Aegean Air to help out.

The snow and foggy conditions in Thessaloniki meant the plane from Stansted airport was diverted to Timisoara in western Romania late on Friday, which left 200 passengers frustrated, as they wanted to fly closer to their original destination.

The airline also gave them the option of transporting them to Thessaloniki by bus, a journey of 480 miles that would take over eight hours, which angered the passengers even further.

Eighty-nine people refused this option and according to the passengers, airport authorities were putting pressure on them to leave and kept them in the baggage area overnight.

The passengers contacted the media in Greece and the country’s government then arranged with Greece’s Aegean Airlines to send a plane to Timisoara.

The 89 passengers finally arrived in Thessaloniki around 5pm on Saturday.