“Macedonia is Greece” rally to take place in Athens on January 20

Screen Shot 2019 01 14 at 1.23.40 pm

Screen Shot 2019 01 14 at 1.23.40 pm

Macedonian organisations have planned a rally against the Prespa Agreement in Athens for Sunday the 20th of January, 2019 at Syntagma Square.

The decision for a new rally in Athens was reached in a meeting yesterday, which was attended by the Pan-Macedonian World Unions, the Pan-Hellenic Federation of Cultural Associations of Macedonians, the Organisation for the Unconventional Struggle for Macedonia and Democracy and the Pan-Macedonian Association of the USA.

Organisers are hoping there will be a massive turnout outside Greece's parliament that will send a strong message of defiance to all those in Greek parliament who are considering voting for the deal.

The parliament of FYROM approved the name “Republic of North Macedonia” and other constitutional changes tabled by the government of Zoran Zaev based on the Prespes Agreement on Friday evening, with 81 votes for and none against.

The Prespes Agreement will now need to be ratified by the Greek parliament before it comes into effect.

*Image by Eurokinissi