Millions expected to gather at Syntagma Square to protest against the Prespes deal

The largest “Macedonia is Greece” rally will be taking place today at Syntagma Square from 2 pm, as people from all across the country are gathering to protest against the Prespes Agreement.

Thousands upon thousands of buses are arriving from Macedonia, the Peloponesse, and many boats are arriving from Crete and other Aegean islands as Greeks from all around the country are uniting to show their support for Macedonia.

“We call on all Democratic patriots to arrive early in the square. We have to stay there and peacefully state that we do not agree with the concession of the name Macedonia,” said one of the organisers Mihalis Patsikas.

“Macedonians are inviting their Athenian friends to join them, along with the rest of the Greeks who will reach Syntagma Square, sending out a loud and clear message to the government that is willing to give away Macedonia’s name, ethnicity, and language,” added Mr Patsikas.

Tune in from 2 pm (Athens time) tonight on the Greek City Times Facebook page, as we will broadcasting the rally live worldwide.

*Watch the crowd starting to gather here-