Greece’s massive “Macedonia is Greece” rally in pictures

Greeks from all around the country gathered at Syntagma Square yesterday to protest against the Prespes Agreement, however, the peaceful rally turned ugly after police threw tear gas at citizens.

Organisers of the “Macedonia is Greece” rally have reported that over a million people gathered from all across the country to show their support for Macedonia.

However police reports claim there was only 60,000 people who gathered at Syntagma Square.

People of all ages, including children, travelled from every corner of the country and most were on the road all night to make sure they would arrive at the Greek capital in time.

By noon, Syntagma Square and the surrounding streets were crowded, and the citizens with their slogans were there sending a clear message to the government that they disagree with the Prespes Agreement.

And while everything was running smoothly, at around 3pm a group of hooded officers began attacking protesters, drowning the peaceful rally with chemicals and changing the mood completely.

*Source: Protothema 

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