Greek PM releases video on the ‘truth’ of FYROM agreement


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Greece’s Prime Minister has released a government video about the Prespes Agreement with FYROM in the hope of shedding light to the public discourse on the matter.

The video, titled “The Truth About the Prespes Agreement” was uploaded on the Prime Minister’s Facebook account and includes the signing of the Agreement between Greece and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) on June 17, 2018 and excerpts of the premier's speech at the Athens Concert Hall recently on the Agreement.

"It's time we learned the truth," he is quoted as saying, "With the Prespes Agreement we are shielding our Macedonia. We overcome fear and inertia with self-confidence and open a path to peace and growth."

"Our neighbours are distinguishing their identity, recognising that their language is Slavic and that their culture is not related in any way to the ancient Greek heritage," Tsipras explains.

"Through the Prespes Agreement we recognise citizenship, not the ethnicities comprising it. There will be no irredentist references in their textbooks. They are changing the names of monuments, infrastructures, and public spaces. Our neighbours are removing the 16-pointed star of Vergina from every symbol and its right of use reverts exclusively to Greece," he noted.

The Prespes Agreement, he says, "is the foundation stone for a Balkan region of friendship, collaboration, and brotherhood of peoples. Learn the truth."

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