Serbian Pianist Plays Zorba for Greek Passengers at Doha Airport

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Hristijan Spirovski
Hristijan Spirovski

When Hristijan Spirovski visited Doha last week, he was very impressed by the number of Greek travellers at Hamad International Airport.

They were all in a frantic rush trying to reach their destination, and the young Melbourne-born Serbian pianist couldn’t resist sitting on a public piano and performing just for them.

“I saw many Greeks there, so that’s the reason why I played Zorba at the Airport, to remind them of their Greek heritage,” Spirovski said.

Despite the busy atmosphere, the notes managed to pull on the heartstrings of the travellers.

“They recognised the first beats and they applauded me,” he said.

The young pianist has been playing the piano for 20 years and has a repertoire that includes pop, folk, metal, classical and ethnic, however, he feels that Zorba has been a wonderful addition thanks to the joy that it gives his listeners.

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