Greek girl goes on TV to find a husband but Yiayia steals the show (VIDEO)

Married At First Sight
Married At First Sight yiayia

Greek Australian make-up artist Martha Kalifatidis made her debut on popular reality television show Married At First Sight last night, where contestants looking for love are matched up with a stranger, however, Martha’s sweet Yiayia was the one who stole the show along the way.

Early in the episode 30-year-old, Martha revealed she comes from a "big Greek family, that is bigger than big" who "do not hold back" and "just say what they're thinking."

Martha added that she went onto the popular Australian reality TV show in the hope of finding love much like her Yiayia and Pappou, who had an arranged marriage, known in Greek as a “Proxenio.”

Martha Kalifatidis
Martha Kalifatidis wedding dress

"I think ;Married At First Sight would be very similar to the way my grandparents got married," Martha said. "It was an arranged-style marriage. Maybe they didn't love each other when they met but I can say absolutely that they love each other now, unconditionally. So I feel like with this experiment I'm hoping it might be like that for me."

In last night’s episode, Martha told her big Greek family her news over dinner, saying "I have an announcement, I'm getting married!"

Martha's Yiayia is then heard calling out in Greek "who is he?"

"Is he Muslim? Turkish? Greek? Italian?"

*Martha's Yiayia

When Martha explained she would be meeting her husband on the day of their wedding, Yiayia said "Father forgive me!" and did the sign of the cross.

After explaining in detail it was an arranged marriage, just like hers, Martha's Yiayia gave her blessing.

"I'll leave it to say I love you and I'm happy, very happy. If you're happy, everybody's happy. And now I have to drink!"

When Martha's Yiayia actually saw her in her wedding dress, she is heard saying, "Martha, now even if I die I don't care because I've seen you as a bride."

The 30-year-old was paired up with 27-year-old Michael, who has an Italian background, and the newly married couple appear to be smitten with each other so far.

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*Martha and her match Michael

Martha isn’t shy in admitting she has undergone cosmetic procedures in order to look more like her idol Kim Kardashian and speaking to NW Magazine, she reportedly said she has had extensive surgery including a boob job, nose job, Botox and fillers.

The magazine claims she also admitted to having rhinoplasty but denied having butt implants.

She also told NW that she is planning even more plastic surgery, 'probably after I have kids.'

As the show continues, viewers will see whether or not Martha and Michael's love actually blossoms and if they decide to remain married or part ways.

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