Greece makes 1-billion-euro profit on bonds



The Managing Director of the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) Klaus Regling claimed on Monday that Greece was expected to receive 1 billion euros of profit returns on Greek bonds holdings (ANFAs and SMPs) within 2019.

Regling made the comments whilst addressing journalists after the conclusion of the Eurogroup meeting and clarified that the disbursement of the first tranche of profits is a decision for the next Eurogroup. Their decision he added, will be based on the contents of the second enhanced surveillance report the institutions will make public on February 27.

He explained that there are some "open issues" at the moment, which Greece still has a few weeks to address before the report on enhanced surveillance is completed.

"The Greek authorities are in constant communication with the Institutions and the issues are clearly identified," Regling said and added: "We know that the Greek side is working very hard. But I cannot tell you today what will happen at the next Eurogroup."

GCT Team

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