Granddaughter of Estée Lauder launches new perfume inspired by the Aegean Sea 3

Holidaying in Greece allows for many cherished memories that are made among the amazing sun, sea, sand and blue sky.

These delightful moments of the Mediterranean have always captivated Aerin Lauder, granddaughter of Estée Lauder and creative director and founder of Aerin Lauder.

“I’m inspired by the sun, water, sky, and beach,” she told Vogue magazine.

Granddaughter of Estée Lauder launches new perfume inspired by the Aegean Sea 4

“It is fascinating how these elements can provide such unique and different experiences throughout the world.” Indeed, travel and the uniqueness of every destination is something that’s intertwined in the DNA of the entire Aerin fragrance collection, with each perfume taking on a characteristic of a place close to Lauder’s heart.

When it came to dreaming up the smells and qualities of her next fragrance, Lauder sought out one of her happiest vacation memories as her muse. In a nod to the sparkling ripples of azure water, the smell of sea salt in the air and the beautiful aromas of orange blossom and neroli; the latest fragrance from Aerin is an homage to everything the brand’s founder loves about the Aegean Sea.

“I have always loved travelling to the Mediterranean,” explains Lauder. “Growing up, I was fortunate to spend some time there, and I fell in love with the coast, water and spirit. Aegea Blossom represents my love of the sea and sailing in the Mediterranean.”

Taking cues from Aerin’s best-selling Mediterranean Honeysuckle scent, Aegea Blossom is a reimaging on that iconic scent but creates new depth and luminous floral notes with the addition of orange flower and neroli, which are both flowers that can be found growing along the hills of the Mediterranean region.

Aegea Blossom is a voyage around the Greek islands, which serves as the main inspiration for this vibrant floral fragrance and according to the company, it is a journey for the senses, capturing the blue sea, cool breezes, and pure light of Greece.

*Source: Vogue 

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