Greek coast guard handled more than 3,600 incidents at sea



According to a report published on Monday, Greece’s Coast Guard handled more than 3,600 incidents at sea in 2018, including migrant flows and drug-related matters.

Of the 3,647 incidents, 2,146 related to the management of migration flows with the majority of these incidents recorded in the Peloponnese.

Specifically, 879 cases were reported in the Peloponnese, followed by 469 occurrences in Western Greece and the island of Lesvos with 457 such events.

Furthermore, the operational centre of the Hellenic Coastguard helped transfer 1,091 patients in 2018, of which 392 were carried out with patrol vessels or life boats, while the remaining 699 occurrences were handled with commercial or private boats.

Some 273 drug-related incidents were also handled, resulting in the arrests of 364 individuals.

The Hellenic Coast Guard received a total of 44,159 incoming calls in 2018, of which 2,470 were red alert (including 4 bomb scares), and 523 were misplaced calls.