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Nikos Vertis’ “Thelo na me Niosis” first Greek song to hit 100 million views on YouTube

By Antonia Komarkowski

Nikos Vertis, one of Greece’s most popular performers has made history on YouTube, as his hit track“Θέλω να με νιώσεις” (Thelo Na Me Niosis) has become the first Greek song to exceed 100 million views on Youtube!

The video which was released on June 11, 2014, proves that Vertis is one of the most beloved artists of his generation. His lyrics and angelic voice have impacted Greeks all around the world, who continue to listen to “Θέλω να με νιώσεις” as well as his other tracks. 

The music of “Thelo Na Me Nioseis” was written by Dimitris Dekos, while the lyrics which refer to a painful love story were written by Rena Kamari.

Directed by Luydmil Illarionov – Liusi, the history-making YouTube clip portrays Vertis acoustically singing this song while playing the guitar and he is accompanied by two other musicians.

Viewers can feel the emotion of the song and of Vertis as they watch the video.

*Watch it here-


Antonia Komarkowski
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