Paola cancels concert with Sfakianakis saying she can no longer put up with his “bad attitude”


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Popular Greek singer Paola has cancelled her remaining performances with leading Greek singer Notis Sfakianakis after the pair had a huge argument.

The singer announced she would no longer be performing with Sfakianakis at Athens famous Gazi nightclub, noting she could no longer put up with Notis’ antics and "bad attitude."

Details have emerged of what occurred behind the scenes and the feud between the two artists is said to have started during rehearsals.

According to STAR TV, Paola had lined up her own band, sound engineer, lighting, etc. when Notis came into the rehearsal and said he wanted to change it and play his own electronic drums. Paola is said to have continued using her band and things seemed to be okay between the two when Notis then decided he would begin his performance program at 4:30 am.

Νότης Σφακιανάκης Πάολα

Greek media reports say while Paola was performing on stage, there were 1,500 people in the club, however by 5 am when Sfakianakis was on stage, there were only 300 people left in the audience, as Notis began playing foreign songs.

According to Notis' management, a lot of the audience went into Paola's dressing room and that is why the front tables were empty.

"A month ago, Notis asked the owner of the club to tell Paola to stop “partying” in the dressing room until the early hours of the morning. The owner told him he could not do that because he had given Noti an entire suite on the fifth floor where he could go after his performance to rest. On Friday, Notis sent a band member at 7:30 am to tell Paola to stop the music. Paola is said to have told Notis he was more than welcome to join them and have a drink, but Sfakianakis was furious,” said a STAR TV reporter.

Reports claim Paola then went to Notis’ dressing room and that is when they exchanged some heated words and she told him they could no longer work together.

Paola's management said she will be paying her staff until the 23rd of March, even though they are no longer performing.