Greek Australian Angela Vithoulkas contesting NSW Upper House

Greek Australian Angela Vithoulkas is contesting the NSW Upper House (Legislative Council) as the Founder and Lead Candidate for The Small Business Party.
"The party is founded off the back of years of poor Government planning, destructive infrastructure projects, and an overall lack of consultation or transparency. When light rail construction came to the Sydney CBD it immediately impacted businesses and residents along its intended route," say the spokespeople of The Small Business Party.
One such cafe was Angela’s - Vivo, on the corner of King and George streets. Within days of the beginning the business started to suffer and the next couple of years the works continued and last year in August Angela was forced to close her cafe after 17 years, one of many businesses to do so.
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"This process made Angela recognise that Government’s do not care about small businesses or residents. They have one tracked minds in most departments and don’t have any real accountability to the people. The Small Business Party was borne of this need - to have a genuine representative in the upper house, a voice of reason on legislation and decision making to ensure that no-one pays an unfair price for progress," they added.
The Small Business Party is contesting the State election, with a number of lower house candidates and a full upper house ticket. The Small Business Party candidate for the seat of Sydney is young Greek Australian Fiona Douskou.
"Behind every small business is a family, and all those families make a community. We believe our communities are worth protecting and our businesses worth saving. When small business thrives we all thrive. So let’s Save Small Business together," says Angela.
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The two key issues they are advocating on are Tolls, and Out Of School Hours Care (OOSH).
"The Small Business Party does not support the expansion of toll roads across Sydney and will work to STOP both the proposed Northern Beaches Link and the Western Harbour Tunnel. The Small Business Party will fight for a 100% REBATE on ALL tolls across Sydney for all apprentices and pensioners, removing a massive financial burden at such a difficult time for some of our most vulnerable people."
They also added, "If elected at the 2019 March State Election The Small Business Party pledges FREE Out of School Hours care for OOSH, for ALL families with working parents across NSW. Families matter and being able to support our homes and children is the most important thing!

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