Greek government and business delegation head to North Macedonia

Miro Greece Macedonia flags 1

Miro Greece Macedonia flags 1

The Greek government's investment and trade agency, Enterprise Greece announced on Thursday that they will be accompanied by Greek businesses on an official visit to North Macedonia on April 2.

According to their announcement, Enterprise Greece said over 70 Greek companies of all sizes from the fields of energy, construction, industrial products, food & beverages and hi-tech have expressed interest in participating in the mission, seeing multiple opportunities for investments and trade activity in the neighbouring country.

A B2B event bringing in contact business people from both countries in order to explore fields for cooperation will be also be scheduled during the visit, Enterprise Greece said, adding that it strongly believes in southern Europe's dynamic and organises events supporting collaboration and promoting the extroversion of the Greek enterprises.

The agency, supervised by the Economy & Development Ministry, collaborates with all the production entities and associations in order to "discover business opportunities in our neighbourhood," Enterprise Greece president Grigoris Stergioulis said. It provides full spectrum of services related to international business relationships and domestic business development for the international market.